rumen bolus

Revolutionary solution for pH and temperature monitoring covering the whole lactation period.

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Moow rumen bolus is designed to provide continuous and reliable measurement of the pH level and temperature of the rumen.
The detector measures the CO2 and NH3 concentration in the stable to provide the perfect environment.
All data is transmitted automatically first to the Base Station and then to a cloud-based system which allows farmers, vets and scientists to process the information and deal with unexpected issues.

pH level

Continuous reliable monitoring of the rumen pH level.


Measuring the rumen temperature.


Wireless data transmission to the Base Station with local or cloud storage.


Low energy consumption resulting in long battery life.

bolus for the whole lactation period

Continuous reliable pH measurement with a revolutionary opto-electric sensor for up to 3 years without recalibration.

real-time monitoring

Constant monitoring combined with a high-tech IT solution.

happy cows

Prevention and early detection of health disorders by monitoring the rumen. Instant notifications, fast and effective reactions.


Access all data on a web based dashboard or a mobile application. Receive notifications (alarms) via various communication channels (SMS, e-mail) to make quick responses possible.
Fi-ware compatible solution.

rumen bolus

Designed for the rumen with an opto-electric pH sensor and a thermometer working for 3 years without recalibration to keep the cattle in the best condition.

base station

Automatically receives the pH level and the temperature data from the bolus and the CO2 and NH3 concentration from the detector and stores them locally or sends them to the online database.


Extends the wireless range to provide coverage even for the larger farms.


Measures the CO2 and NH3 concentration in the stable to provide the perfect environment.

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Our company is focusing on the development of an innovative opto-electric pH and temperature sensor and a CO2 and NH3 detector combined with IT technologies in order to maintain dairy cattle health, improve feed efficiency and increase milk production and ultimately the business profitability.

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